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Having been a Bowie fan as a teen,  then having met the man working on the legendary "Dancing in the streets" Live Aid video, I was thrilled to shoot the final David Bowie project, LAZARUS. Featuring songs from his acclaimed last album, BLACKSTAR, it opened on Broadway, the last time the ex-thin white duke ever made a public appearnce (an event declared to be "David Bowie day" in New York City by the Mayor. )


Starring Michael C Hall as Thomas Newton, the alien played by Bowie in 70's classic "The Man Who fell too earth", the show played in a special temporary theatre in Kings Cross. Producer Dione Orrom had just days to  prep a large scale shoot three days before the theatre's temporary licence ended. I directed from the Bowie-esquye surroundings of a multicamera  TV truck, talking to nine disembdied camera men.


Coming to cinemas tba

Recently I got to realise (another) childhood when I got to edit the new movie from my friend Simon West, starring Antonio Banderas as a burnt out rockstar jolted back into the real world when his wife is kidnapped by a gang of mercenaries who are ironically big fans of his band. Coming to a cinemasa near you later this year!